Having grown up in beautiful Marin County, California, I was surrounded by an artistic community whose creations greatly influenced my desire to pursue the arts. I first discovered jewelry as an art form at San Francisco State University in 1989. I felt very fortunate to have discovered my passion so early on and I was confident that jewelry is what I was meant to do. Because I knew my jewelry would wait for me and be that much more special by my experiences, I spent the next seven years traveling around the world. I explored different cultures, observed different customs, and admired the beautiful traditional arts. The incredible adventures I had, the sights I marveled at, and people I met all inspire my work today.

In 1997 I opened my studio space and devoted myself to what I love most, second only to travel. I have gone on to do an Artist-in-Residence program at the Mendocino Art Center as well as several intensive workshops with master gold and silversmiths. I believe my style is best described as whimsical and narrative. It's a pleasure to express my love of nature and my humor in my art. All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, created from the richness of my life. I hope my art will bring a touch of that magic into your life.

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